Wednesday, November 30, 2005

No rest for the weary...

Well I finally got a few moments to put a post up and have plenty to report. I spent the month of October at the Primary leadership Development course and began the long path towards professional development. It was a little boring-a lot of classwork studying army forms and publications-but worthwhile. I have been in the process of moving for the last month and I am now back stateside.
I am Once again stationed at FT Lee, VA. Home of the Quartermaster Corps and the 49th Quartermaster Group. It has already been quite an adjustment as I am no longer in a combat arms unit, but I am still in a combat arms mentality. Things are done a little differently so please pray that I don't lose my mind.
I do have some good and bad news-mom sorry I didn't tell you first-Iraq is slated for September, so I will once again be on my way back to the sand box. However, I will be afforded the opportunity to provide aid to the needy in the world. My unit has been selected to provide full scale support with the relief efforts already underway in Pakistan, and I will be joining them in those efforts. The world traveler will once again be on his way:)
I have work to do so I will post more later....