Tuesday, August 21, 2007

plenty of time to sleep when you're dead...

I love this time of year...especially being on the graveyard right now...who needs sleep? appearently not me. i have surveys to fill out about my health during the deployment, room inspections to take part in, and a whole smorgisbord of usless activities to participate in with all the 9-5 crowd-not like i just finished a shift or anything...I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!
cant wait to see American soil again....

Monday, August 20, 2007

living the dream...

i just started working the graveyard shift, and i never fully appreciated the toil that it puts on the human body. i think that i am more tired right now than i have been in quite some time. unfortunately, the sun is up and my body is awake, so here i am writing to you.
sorry it has been so long since i posted. things have been a little busy here at work, and we have had a few bad days. it amazes me that despite the emotional drain of a bad day at work, i am still able to wake up and do it all again. i try to get excited about the little things more often. like today for example, we are already planning-16 hours before shift begins-to get really excited about reviewing the 50 cal clearing procedures. like stupid excited. its the little things that really make the day go by.
just had breakfast at the dining facility for the first time in almost 3 months. the rest of the time i have a to-go plate delivered to my workplace...ah the luxury. of course, nothing in the plate is really edible by the time that the plate arrives, because it took an hour to drive the food from the DFAC (dining facility) to the ECP. thank you to whatever Colonel decided to reduce the speed limit even lower. 25 mph is a little rediculous, but 10mph is an all new low.
moving day is approaching and i find myself learning to live a little more like LJ. If i am not going to use it in the next 3 months, throw it away. however, there was just some stuff that i could not live without. 160 dollars in postage to mail it all back.
nough for now