Monday, September 25, 2006

The mysterious anonymous titles

Well, i am encouraged to see that readership of my blog is on the rise, and many people from all walks of life are reading and leaving comments.

Grandfather-i too was a little testy by the end of the day, and was forced to take a nap right after work or would spend the rest of the afternoon snapping and griping. it was an educational experience on my part, and I have a new found respect for the manual laborers on our camp that do not eat during the day(although there is the occasional coke here as well). As for the non-existent posts that you referred to, my mother pens under a psuedo name that we assigned her in our younger years (MO).

Things here in northern iraq were interesting today. [Removed for OPSEC]
I took a nap after work. I was really tired, and the sun was not down yet, so I was unable to eat. I was rudly awakened by a furious pounding on my door...appearently Chow is serious business.

things are getting more normal, but the same transition nightmares of my last rotation in iraq are being visited this time around too. Lesson learned...we arent really learning much. Ill work on that.

lost a game of chess last night. the MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) tent has a Giant chess board. I had my opponent on the run, and messed up-oh well...there will be a rematch.

all for now-
from Q-west (which ironically reminds me of denver and Qwest communications...dont know why i just thought of that, but i think its cool!)


Sunday, September 24, 2006

tick, tock...

tired today-didnt sleep well last night, well, couldnt fall asleep. work was long today. I have decided to participate in the ramadan fast tomorrow, just to see what it is like to work a full day with nothing crossing my lips from sunrise to sunset. it should be interesting. that means no caffeine gum-its gonna be rough.
100mg of zoom-zoom per piece. I am a little attached to it at the moment. I found it in Kuwait, and i have been chewing it ever since. of course, any gum that is accompanied by a sergeon generals warning is ok, right? besides, the Walter Reed Army Medical Research Center (WRAMRC) recommends it-and the army always has my best medical interests at heart anyway......i think (lets just forget about the whole anthrax vaccine lawsuit...).
happy surfing
From Q-west

Saturday, September 23, 2006

another day, another dollar twenty five...

things are getting busy here as the transfer of authority nears. we are taking over all of the tasks associated with our job here and things are picking up. I know that i told tom i would post a picture of my room on the page, but i am not completely moved in yet (it will be done soon) and I will put it on the blog.
I love some of the comments on the blog-i have to try not to interrupt the others here in the computer lab, but sometimes laughter is contagious, right?
MO I was only kidding about the phone thing, i will have plenty of time to call you as soon as things settle down. i just thought you would get a kick out of the joke...
L & B (B especially) the POA is just for esentials, so be sure to take that Vacation to Tahiti ASAP!! ILY, Very funny :) i almost wet my pants i was laughing so hard-BTW, thanks for the probiotics-BM's are alot more pleasant.

I miss you all Very Much! Grandfather-if you need some telephone tech support, call your daughter, she is a comment posting expert!!


Thursday, September 21, 2006


I love being here in Iraq-appearently i was at Abu Garib Prison and made a debit card purchease of 44 dollars...Thank goodness i am able to do online banking otherwise i would have to swallow that loss. I will be investigating that one...

I had the day off today-slept till noon. that was nice.

no real excitement here. i have 3 camels that wander outside of my guard tower. and a couple flocks of sheep that have attempted to storm the camp perimeter. it is quite dangerous up here in the north.
[Removed for OPSEC]...chock one up for the Quartermaster Corps. Now I am beginning to understand why everyone in the army hates us.

more tomorrow, maybe ill have something interesting to read about.


PS mom, it helps to communicate with you if you answer your phone...i thought that is why you guys switched to cellular ;) ILY IMY SWAK

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here we go Again...

...Well I am Back in Iraq for real-for quite some time i was actually expecting Aston Kutcher to hop out and say," youve been Punked," but no such luck.
The Flight into iraq was pleasant, we were aboard a C-17 cargo transport...comfortable, but cost effective (read-we were treated the same as boxes of ammunition). the living conditions here in Q-west are incredible though. I am living in a CHU (containerized housing unit) which is about 6 by 14 feet, and this time i only have one roommate! (last time i had 3) The Dining Facility is the Largest in Iraq, Serves what is claimed to be the best chow in country, and I find myself eagerly awaiting the next meal. the Unit that we are replacing and kind, generous, and is always nice when you are welcomed with open arms (maybe they are just excited to be going home, anyway false kindness is better than no kindness ;)...we will adapt and overcome. we arrived in country to find that Haliburton (read Kellogg, Brown and Root) have taken over our original mission and made us we are now responsible for the force protection of the FOB (forward operating base). I am in a Guard tower overlooking the ECP (entry control point). I have a Thermal Imager, a fifty caliber machine gun, and a private (i am most happy about the private) that I am responsible for managing on the eight hour day that i work.

things are busy, but i find that I will get a decent amount of sleep, and plenty of relaxation time. I will be able to catch a few rounds of golf, and maybe a few Salsa lessons...who knows? I will let you know how things pan out.

well, all for now-

Sunday, September 17, 2006

the boredom is the real threat

well, time continues to drag on----i had Taco Bell to day and the cleaveland Cavaliers cheerleaders were here...kuwait sux.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

so my colorado upbringing brought some excitement to my otherwise boring life here in Kuwait. today when i was at the gym i saw that they had a rock climbing wall and wanted to use it...only i didnt know that they were having a climbing competition. needless to say i took the silver medal in my age group 25-32. Thank you, thank you...please standby after the interview for autographs. i will post some pictures later...when i get them.
not much else is new-
we move north soon.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

more of the same

Kuwait is the worst part of the deployment. Had pizza for dinner...that is about all that has happened. whats new in your world???

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Long Awaited....

Andrew Haberer
148th QM CO
FOB Q-West
APO AE 09351

Life looks different when you are upsidedown...

today was another day of excellent army training. we went to the HEAT (HMMWV Egress Reaction Trainer) and did rehearsals and training for vehicle rollovers. I was actually inside a Humvee when it rolled over (remain calm it was in a controlled environment so that injuries were completely avoidable), and was able to feel what the critical angle felt like and how to react in an acutual rollover. Man-the army is really spending some worthwile money out here in the desert to make sure that we are as prepared to aviod dissaster as possible.

September 11, 2006
Let us never forget those fallen comrades who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in Defense of Freedom and in the name of liberty.

More than 3000 people died in the attacks on September 11, 2001.

We declared war on terrorism.

2,666 Patriots have given their lives for their country...

Let them never be forgotten.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

the joy and sorrow of the desert

so here i am in probably the worst place in the world, and to top it all off i am now sick...what is my luck???
things in Kuwait are more of the same. however, they are certainly more developed that the first time around...the firing ranges in Kuwait are better than some, correction most, of the ranges i have been to in america...
I ran into my roommate from Germany last night at a concert here on Camp Buering. he is doing well and has a new son. his daughter is more grown up and speaking, and he was excited to hear that i was an uncle now.
things are boring and tedious as our departure for Iraq is waiting in the wings...i will let you know more later.

Mom and dad-I love you and miss you


p.s.-I was commended on my knowledge of convoy operations and put in for an award for my willingness to teach and patience even in the heat!! besides that I am the best damn HMMWV driver there is!!!!! (HMMWV reads Humvee!)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

so can i tell you how much i have missed the hot kuwait sun??? it almost feels like i am on another planet.
my how kuwait has changed since i was here last. on the bus ride to the nothern camps, i was one of the security members for the ride so I sat up front and was awake the whole ride. there are a lot of new housing developments in the suburbs and some new infrastructure projects underway. the water towers that were being built when i was out here last are now complete and surrounded by new homes. Kuwait city is a lot cleaner and the camps up north are alot more developed. most of the camps, including the one that i processed into theater from, have been closed, but there are still some open. we are in the midst of training and preparation for our movement north and are quite busy.
Ill post some more later. my time has run out.