Saturday, September 23, 2006

another day, another dollar twenty five...

things are getting busy here as the transfer of authority nears. we are taking over all of the tasks associated with our job here and things are picking up. I know that i told tom i would post a picture of my room on the page, but i am not completely moved in yet (it will be done soon) and I will put it on the blog.
I love some of the comments on the blog-i have to try not to interrupt the others here in the computer lab, but sometimes laughter is contagious, right?
MO I was only kidding about the phone thing, i will have plenty of time to call you as soon as things settle down. i just thought you would get a kick out of the joke...
L & B (B especially) the POA is just for esentials, so be sure to take that Vacation to Tahiti ASAP!! ILY, Very funny :) i almost wet my pants i was laughing so hard-BTW, thanks for the probiotics-BM's are alot more pleasant.

I miss you all Very Much! Grandfather-if you need some telephone tech support, call your daughter, she is a comment posting expert!!


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Anonymous said...

I think I have this Comment thing down pat now. I'm not sure how much help my daughter would be; after all she would not help me at all when I made my shirt and needed some interpretation of the instruction words. Besides there, is no comment here from her.


Grandfather & mama Jay