Sunday, September 10, 2006

the joy and sorrow of the desert

so here i am in probably the worst place in the world, and to top it all off i am now sick...what is my luck???
things in Kuwait are more of the same. however, they are certainly more developed that the first time around...the firing ranges in Kuwait are better than some, correction most, of the ranges i have been to in america...
I ran into my roommate from Germany last night at a concert here on Camp Buering. he is doing well and has a new son. his daughter is more grown up and speaking, and he was excited to hear that i was an uncle now.
things are boring and tedious as our departure for Iraq is waiting in the wings...i will let you know more later.

Mom and dad-I love you and miss you


p.s.-I was commended on my knowledge of convoy operations and put in for an award for my willingness to teach and patience even in the heat!! besides that I am the best damn HMMWV driver there is!!!!! (HMMWV reads Humvee!)


Anonymous said...

AJ -
It sounds like you are getting some great training in. Keep up the good work. I have the probiotics and some other goodies ready when you post your address.

Tom said...

Worst place in the world? Come on buddy, you could be in Wyoming. jk

Hey, congrats on your recognition!

Have fun playing in the sand.