Saturday, September 16, 2006

so my colorado upbringing brought some excitement to my otherwise boring life here in Kuwait. today when i was at the gym i saw that they had a rock climbing wall and wanted to use it...only i didnt know that they were having a climbing competition. needless to say i took the silver medal in my age group 25-32. Thank you, thank you...please standby after the interview for autographs. i will post some pictures later...when i get them.
not much else is new-
we move north soon.


Anonymous said...

Even without your upbring, you might have won with those guns of yours!

Noah is sick for the first was pretty tragic this morning but I got over it and his fever is much better. That's it isolation until he is 10.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, all this is great people...but really, can we talk about the "deuce" some more?

Movie quote of the day: Steve Zissou draws a line on the bow of the boat and states: "If you are not against me, don't cross this line. If yes, then do."


Pete said...

I would have taken the gold!!! Just kidding. I am off work for the next 4 months, how exciting is that! Talk to you soon. Pete

Anonymous said...

I am a little jealous of your exposure to the Turkish culture. Would you like one of my Turkish phrase books. I will be more faithful in posting on your blog. Things are improving at the farm. Take care of yourself. Remember that there is strength in numbers. I love you.