Saturday, February 23, 2008

what a week-oh, wait it hasnt started yet

what a crazy week i have ahead of me. i will be off the radar for the whole week, and that really doesnt change my posting schedule much. i seem to not find any time during the week to post-i am working on that.
my company commander, and all of my supervisors have decided that they can no longer wait on Department of the Army to fix the issues resulting from the roll out of the new promotion points system and will be promoting me to corporal on monday. it is exciting for me, because 1.) i will now be considered a non-commissioned officer, but 2.) i will also start getting rated for the work that i am already doing in my current position.
an added benefit is that i can also start making more jokes about the movie major payne.
things continue to heat up around the world, and this concerns me. as much as i would like to visit macedonia, i would prefer to do that as a civilian tourist. pray that there will be a steady decrease in violence worldwide, and that cooler minds will prevail over the heated call to violence.

Monday, February 18, 2008

wow-has it really been that long?

i did not realize that i had not posted in such a long time. a thousand apologies. at any rate-here is the latest.
Lent started two weeks ago, and i gave up alcohol. I am using this time to reflect on what is important to me, and how drinking on any basis is taking away from that. sort of an act of self-discipline. things are going well on that front, i only think about it occasionally and that is because i bought beer on the monday before lent. so i have a full 12 pack sitting on the counter. in the mouth of temptation and sticking true to my goal.
i am excited about NC, but apprehensive of the feasability. i will keep you posted.
things are going well at work, and i am busier than i think i have ever been. there is a lot of training that needs to be completed prior to our next deployment. no one knows when that is, so we are training like mad-as if we were leaving next is an effort to always remain prepared. it is our responsibility to the taxpayers. (and being one myself, i want the most out of my money)
i think i will close this post out and take a nap...taxpayer money hard at work...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thomas Jefferson

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

The State of the Union is fragile at best...

Now-the long awaited thoughts on the state of the union address. although i thought most of the speech was the typical political rhetoric that we expect from an address of this type, there were a few points that i thought were particularly effective in communicating a clear political message. His talk about the War on Terror will largely be ignored, because he is the source of the informations, however true it may be.

His emphasis on the individual in the political machine was particularly strong. unlike hillary's claim that it takes a village, the president insists that it takes an individual. similar to the founding father's ideal that the individual is the key to political justice.

"In the work ahead, we must be guided by the philosophy that made our nation great. As Americans, we believe in the power of individuals to determine their destiny and shape the course of history. We believe that the most reliable guide for our country is the collective wisdom of ordinary citizens. And so in all we do, we must trust in the ability of free peoples to make wise decisions, and empower them to improve their lives for their futures. "

it takes an individual to control the machine, it takes an individual to stand up to injustice, it takes an individual to prevent 1984.

i particularly liked how the president differentiated between a peace-keeping operation and the true definition of the battle in which we are currently on the front lines.

"We are engaged in the defining ideological struggle of the 21st century. The terrorists oppose every principle of humanity and decency that we hold dear. Yet in this war on terror, there is one thing we and our enemies agree on: In the long run, men and women who are free to determine their own destinies will reject terror and refuse to live in tyranny. And that is why the terrorists are fighting to deny this choice to the people in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Palestinian Territories. And that is why, for the security of America and the peace of the world, we are spreading the hope of freedom.

it is essential that we continue to fight on the front lines of tyranny and injustice, regardless of the monetary cost, regardless of the lost family time, regardless of the economic struggle. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." -Thomas Jefferson

By trusting the people, our Founders wagered that a great and noble nation could be built on the liberty that resides in the hearts of all men and women. By trusting the people, succeeding generations transformed our fragile young democracy into the most powerful nation on Earth and a beacon of hope for millions. And so long as we continue to trust the people, our nation will prosper, our liberty will be secure, and the state of our Union will remain strong.
So tonight, with confidence in freedom's power, and trust in the people, let us set forth to do their business. God bless America.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Baby you can drive my car

Baby you can drive my car!! yes, when i am driving in my new car, i do feel like a star. this is the latest addition to my life. a 2006 chevy impala (don't worry, it's not the SS edition). i got a great deal on it, and i am looking forward to driving it for the next few years.

i just thought you might like to see some pictures so that you would be able to see what i am rolling around in. the car is in great shape, clean, and runs great. i cannot wait to drive down to charlotte to visit the fam while they are in town.
let me know what you think of the car, and anything else you want to know.