Saturday, February 23, 2008

what a week-oh, wait it hasnt started yet

what a crazy week i have ahead of me. i will be off the radar for the whole week, and that really doesnt change my posting schedule much. i seem to not find any time during the week to post-i am working on that.
my company commander, and all of my supervisors have decided that they can no longer wait on Department of the Army to fix the issues resulting from the roll out of the new promotion points system and will be promoting me to corporal on monday. it is exciting for me, because 1.) i will now be considered a non-commissioned officer, but 2.) i will also start getting rated for the work that i am already doing in my current position.
an added benefit is that i can also start making more jokes about the movie major payne.
things continue to heat up around the world, and this concerns me. as much as i would like to visit macedonia, i would prefer to do that as a civilian tourist. pray that there will be a steady decrease in violence worldwide, and that cooler minds will prevail over the heated call to violence.


Anonymous said...

Yes, sir. Good job, buddy. I am proud of you. Reward is not guaranteed -- that's what makes it so sweet when received. ILY cannot wait to see you next week. MO

Leah said...

Nice - congrats on your promotion...really I think it is the worst rank in the Army. All the responsibility of SGT but none of the pay...go figure! Welcome to the corps.


Pete said...

I am proud of your hard work and am glad it is paying off for you. I will continue to pray for you.

Tom said...

Corporal Haberer, wow, that sounds nice. Congratulations buddy! I hope you don't have to go anywhere, but if you do go to Macedonia I hear they have delicious nuts....wait, no, that's something else...right, cashews :) Anyway, I hope you are having fun. I will try to call you again this week and maybe see you in April.