Sunday, February 03, 2008

Baby you can drive my car!! yes, when i am driving in my new car, i do feel like a star. this is the latest addition to my life. a 2006 chevy impala (don't worry, it's not the SS edition). i got a great deal on it, and i am looking forward to driving it for the next few years.

i just thought you might like to see some pictures so that you would be able to see what i am rolling around in. the car is in great shape, clean, and runs great. i cannot wait to drive down to charlotte to visit the fam while they are in town.
let me know what you think of the car, and anything else you want to know.


Anonymous said...

Well. I guess I REALLY don't need to help with the car rental! We will be crusin' in style in Charlotte!!!! ILY MO

It looks GREAT>

Leah said...

Ah - thoughts on the state of the union??? Nice car! I am really happy for you.

Pete said...

Like the color a lot...can't wait to see you

Nicole said...

I just googlemapped it and Charlotte is 201 miles from North Charleston, where I'll be residing for the next year. Can you say road trip? Honestly, you driving down is closer than well the journey my car has to endure. 2,709 miles has a way of aging an already elderly car. Let me know if you have any vacation time, school starts the 18th of August. Or maybe there is an Amtrak train I can take to come se you. It will be just like Germany, except well the whole we're in the US and everyone speaks English bit. And your ride is far superior to your last car. And now that I think of it we could probably do better than subway for dinner. :) BTW Nana informed me today that she was worried about your new training and the though of you parachuting from a helicopter. But she's glad you have a Christian counselor. Oh and I think she just realized that those are decorative sleeves, but you have some tattoos. LOL. Hang in there and send me an e-mail. The whole moving to a place I've never seen is a little unsettling.