Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And the Army goes rolling along!

Back in the loop, and sorry for the absence. i have no adequate excuse, so i will spare you the typical Private banter.
I am thoroughly excited at the prospect of next month. after a twenty month long ordeal, all of the problems with my promotion packet are fixed, and i am eagerly awaiting the publishing of the cutoff score for april. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps i will be a sergeant on the first. give or take thirty days. (this is a government agency).
Quarterly training brief is finally over. (that was one of the lame excuses that i had to offer, but decided to store) and i am finally getting home before seven at night. quite the hassle for me, but at least i had plenty of company and the staff in the office was much more prepared this time around.
I was watching the news, and caught a story about how the Air Force is struggling with the extension of their long and arduous tours in iraq (currently four months long), and came to the realization that the secretary of the Air Force must have had a little fuzz in his ears when President Bush declared a "War on Terror" and must have understood it to be a "War on Tourism" the Air Force certainly has us protected at the most popular tourist destinations worldwide (while the Marines(currently performing 8 month tours) and the Army (currently serving 15 month tours) are carrying the brunt of the war upon their tattered shoulders.) Off we go, into the wild blue yonder!

We have seen a lot of new faces around the company as the rotation begins letting the old go and the new come. stop loss is over, and its nice to have new people to talk to....i was begining to think that if i heard the same lame joke one more time i would snap....funny....the same joke just sounds so much different when it comes from a new persons mouth.

all for now.....i hope you are a little satisfied with this installment, i promise more are to come!


Anonymous said...

392 I love you. Same jokes, same voice. MO

Leah said...

Just because you are in the Army does not mean you can hate on the AF. They too have to sacrifice albeit a very small sacrifice...We had an AF truck company helping our BN in Mosul for 6 months. They were the most professional, well trained, well mannered group of drivers I have ever worked with...Go AF!

Patricia said...

So glad to see that you have rejoined the world and feel that you can share your rantings via blog! I too think you should not be so hard on the AF, but it is good for a laugh. Pete

Anonymous said...

Avoid army hospitals
If there is a choice eat with the Airforce
Back Navy in the Army/Navy game
Don't try to gross out a Marine


Leah said...