Sunday, March 30, 2008


it may be a tongue twister, but that's what the ER Doc says that i have. i went to the emergency room on thursday night, because the family jewels were in excruciating pain. two short hours later, an ultra-sound, and quick check for hernia, and i was on my way out of the ER with scrips for vicodin and doxycycline. Thank you Moldy-Mary, doing much better now. i still feel like i got a quick kick in the junk, but i am getting better.

it was a big week for me. lots of preparation. we are getting ready for weapons qualification, and there is a lot of work for the training room whenever this happens. nothing like putting cold hard lead downrange.

looking forward to jamboree!

all for now.


Leah said...

Nothing like a sickness update every once in a while...showing your true Haberer tendencies :) I hope you feel better and Noah can't wait to see you in CO

Pete said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well...You have many Uncle responsibilities for the Jamborie so you better rest up this week. Pete

Tom said...

Hey buddy, sorry to hear about your 'melon' pain; nice picture choice :) I hope you start feeling better soon and there are no other problems. Have fun shooting guns this week.