Thursday, September 21, 2006


I love being here in Iraq-appearently i was at Abu Garib Prison and made a debit card purchease of 44 dollars...Thank goodness i am able to do online banking otherwise i would have to swallow that loss. I will be investigating that one...

I had the day off today-slept till noon. that was nice.

no real excitement here. i have 3 camels that wander outside of my guard tower. and a couple flocks of sheep that have attempted to storm the camp perimeter. it is quite dangerous up here in the north.
[Removed for OPSEC]...chock one up for the Quartermaster Corps. Now I am beginning to understand why everyone in the army hates us.

more tomorrow, maybe ill have something interesting to read about.


PS mom, it helps to communicate with you if you answer your phone...i thought that is why you guys switched to cellular ;) ILY IMY SWAK


Anonymous said...

Now that's not fair. I do work. Sorry I missed your call. I'll be on the alert.


Anonymous said...

Oh, mistake. Ah, you may see one for $19.95 from the "As Seen on TV" Store. Rethinking that Power of Attorney yet?

Later, B and L and N and J

p.s. The deuces were extremely nasty today from B and L and N and J (Leah cooked last night)

Anonymous said...

Do you have a minute for me to tell you about probiotics?


Anonymous said...

ve minutes from leah and brian and because of that my family got to visit with your dad (mark). i named my youngist son after your dad because i had such happy memories of him when we were kids. however they moved to california and we didn't see much after that. because of that cute little noah,your nana, my favorite aunt dorothy came to visit, courtesey of your dad. we had a family get together to visit with your dad and nana. my sisters rosemary, rita, margie, ginny, mary,my brother george's wife pat,(my brother george died a few years ago after fighting cancer for six years),my son mike and his kids nicole, zachary, my son patrick, his wife lisa, their kids jeremy, jessica, kyra,and our cousin jeff lossau. my dad's brother,uncle irv and aunt jane also came, you nana was so glad to see them because they were friends sincwe childhood. you may be getting some notes from some of them. i gave your address to my son mark. we are praying for you and your fellow soldiers. please let me know what i can send you. god bless you bs

Anonymous said...

hey there andrew, thinking of you. praying that you are well and safe. everything here is good, especially if you don't watch the news. i prefer to get my news from talk radio, i think it is a little closer to the truth. God bless you, your cousin barb sasser.