Monday, September 25, 2006

The mysterious anonymous titles

Well, i am encouraged to see that readership of my blog is on the rise, and many people from all walks of life are reading and leaving comments.

Grandfather-i too was a little testy by the end of the day, and was forced to take a nap right after work or would spend the rest of the afternoon snapping and griping. it was an educational experience on my part, and I have a new found respect for the manual laborers on our camp that do not eat during the day(although there is the occasional coke here as well). As for the non-existent posts that you referred to, my mother pens under a psuedo name that we assigned her in our younger years (MO).

Things here in northern iraq were interesting today. [Removed for OPSEC]
I took a nap after work. I was really tired, and the sun was not down yet, so I was unable to eat. I was rudly awakened by a furious pounding on my door...appearently Chow is serious business.

things are getting more normal, but the same transition nightmares of my last rotation in iraq are being visited this time around too. Lesson learned...we arent really learning much. Ill work on that.

lost a game of chess last night. the MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) tent has a Giant chess board. I had my opponent on the run, and messed up-oh well...there will be a rematch.

all for now-
from Q-west (which ironically reminds me of denver and Qwest communications...dont know why i just thought of that, but i think its cool!)



Anonymous said...

ILY Thanks for the call


Anonymous said...

Can you send the spelling of the Iraqi town that Q'West is short for? I think it would be useful for the readership to exactly pinpoint your local...we might even be able to pick up some local pinpals!

So do you have any TCNs or Iraqi locals that you have connected with? I would like to send them some American love...let me know.

Noah is doing great this week and he is starting to grow really fast. I think you two will really hit it off this summer.

What is your privates name? I would also like to send him some American love.


Anonymous said...

Also, I thought this verse from Proverbs would bring you some encouragement today...
"Do not say, 'I'll pay you back for this wrong!'
Wait for the LORD, and he will deliver you." Proverbs 20:22

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud,

I'am a little jealous of all your interface with Turks. I will send you one of my phrase books. Things are beginning to turn around at the farm. My goal is to add two new restuarants a week. So far I am on track with that. I bought materials to redo the roof and to finish painting but I am not on track with that. I love you lots.


Anonymous said...

Hi bud,

Did your transcript arrive? It has been about a month since it was mailed. If it did not arrive we will have to order another. How is your commissioning with the Turks going? Your sister wants to know if they are the same group that she ordered from when she was there. She does not remember their names but she says "they drink a lot of tea and smoke all the time". I know you will be able to pick them our of a crowd with that description. No seriously they hail from incirlik. I am in Chicago again with your Nana visiting Noah and relatives.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find Qurayah (or whatever it is) on the map and I have an expensive Atlas. Are you close to anything else?