Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In the words of the Phantom of the Opera...

"Very well, then let it be war upon you both..."
I must say that nothern Iraq has posed much more dangerous than i had first assumed. today my tower came under attack from a sizeable insurgent group. The Sheep were able to mass at the one hundred meter firing line, and push the boundries distracting me and my tower partner. at the same time we were assaulted from the air by a large force of common house flies. in the ensuing battle, there were a number of casualties, but, thankfully, none of those were of the Coalition forces. My partner and I were, collectively, able to send 403 flies to meet their maker in about a six and a half hour battle. at the end we were both worn out...
Which brings up my second point. there are always these crazy aerobics workout schemes centered in obscure but common activities. Yoga, Pilates, Spinning. they are all hugely popular among the rich and famous, and the common folk alike. So my partner and I have decided to cash in on the fitness craze. we have developed a workplace workout program that benefits the entire office. it involves very little equipment that can all be purcheased at the local dollar store. it is pilates swatting. it involves a full body workout doing nothing but swatting flies. it was a huge success in tower alpha. i think it will be a success.
anyways that is all i have time for now.

from Quyarrah iraq


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. Thanks for the call. I'll send more pictures.


Patricia said...

Sorry I missed your call, I do really want to talk to you. Could be any day now, but probably at least another month until Cody graces us with his presence. Lamaze next weekend!!! ILY IMY. Pete

Anonymous said...

Hey -
Thanks for the Gate Post Alpha update. It sounds like you are keeping your mind busy...don't forget to keep you body busy too. Nothing like not being able to run when the enemy comes. Nana, Pod, and I worked hard today to get a package ready. I will send it out tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey bud,
Thanks for the call today. I had a great day with Noah. He is really cute. I will have Leah send you a CD with some play time clips. Lots of love. Pode

Tom said...

WOW 403 flies! My record is only 12 and that took me 3 days. I made a little "fly pile" and fed them to Chris while he was asleep. heehee.

I have another picture request: I would like to see what the sheep look like. Are they very fuzzy?

Thanks for all the updates and good luck on your chess rematch.


Anonymous said...

Do you get a medal for swatting that many flies? You should. Sfter all, Alvin York only captured 200 or so Germans and he got a medal - and they weren't even biting him. Keep it up. We'd rather have the terrorist flies killed over there than here.

I don't even know what Pilates are? I thought he was Pontius.


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