Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the latest and the greatest...

things here in Qayyarrah west remain mostly the same...there have been the usual VBIED (Vehichle Born Improvised Explosive Device) threats, and the constant alert for direct attack on the FOB (Foward Operating Base). It was encouraging this week to see GEN Schoomaker flat out tell the press that troop levels would remain at 140,000 until 2010. it shows a significant change in press relations from the DA level...it was also encouraging to hear the President say that he would be open to a change in direction if the commanders on the ground thought that it would be prudent. it allows that commanders on the ground to look in to a whole other series of options to counter this insurgency and make this a more lethal fighting force, and a more secure democracy.

i reached a new level of boredom today. i sat and redesigned the Entry control point on paper about 20 times because i was just trying to stay awake...anyway, its just a small portion of my day.

I got your package today leah, it was Awesome to have pictures of noah to put up all over the room...keep them coming.
PS i love the mohawk ;)

more to follow-i am almost finished with part one


Anonymous said...

hey-i mispelled it again, but if you go to Google.com, click on the Maps link and enter

Qayyarah West

into the search field, zoom in to 2000 M (thats as close as you can look at the complex) you can see the airfield that we are on.


Tom said...

Hey buddy,
I'm glad to hear you are doing good. I just got some bad news this morning. My roommate from Florida, Josh Bleill, just went to Iraq a few weeks ago as a Marine. His humvee got hit Sunday afternoon by an IED. Two guys died and he lost both his legs, but is in stable condition. Here's a news article if you want more details...

I'm glad that you're safe and I just wanted to tell you that I love you and miss you a lot. Thanks for the ongoing updates and good luck swatting flies.


Anonymous said...

Hey bud,

There are more packages coming your way. We had our first snow last night and winter is officially here. This morning is clear and it is beautiful out there. The backyard even looks good.


Sorry to hear about your news. I will be praying for Josh.