Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the daily show...only not the funny one on comedy central

tonight or somewhere close to tonight is the night of power-please pray that the iraqis dont get any ideas tonight...
we found a truck with 3 130mm rounds in it today at the entry control point. the gate was closed for hours while EOD (explosive ordainace disposal) removed the threat from the gate area. not fun.
Anyways-patricia, i got your package today and had a great laugh at the t-shirt. the candy was a big hit too. i cant wait for pictures of the nephew, so hurry up and have him already!!!


from Qayyarah west


Anonymous said...

I want to send you a package!!! WHats your mailing address??? I really miss you and I dont have access to a computer so I have to do all sorts of things when I finally get access. Please let me know what you need or where to send stuff:) I LOVE YOU!!!!!! -M

Patricia said...

I figured you wouldn't be able to get out to trick or treat, so I sent a good variety of candy. I had a doctor's appt today, and she says it is weeks away!!! I am hoping to have Cody in October, but we shall see. Be careful out there. ILY Pete