Thursday, October 19, 2006

Snitches get stitches...

well, it will have to wait for part one of the story. i was going to get it online tomorrow, but someone was complaining about having to work an eight hour day and our boss took away all days off. When will people in the army learn that complaining only makes it worse. Snitches get stitches...
anyways, today the enemy breached the FOB, and I was forced to take the boots on ground approach to solving the problem. about thirty insurgents were grazing inside the wire, and I was able to push them back into a full retreat. I have also added Shepard to my resume'. things today were chaotic. there is a new command in charge of us and as a result we are blessed with the opportunity of experiencing the learning curve once again.
ill try and get the first part posted asap.



Patricia said...

Good to hear you can keep the sheep under control! Maybe someday people will learn to be happy with what they have, but I doubt it. The grass always seems to be greener somewhere else. It has turned cold here, we had our first snow the other day. Just waiting for the big blizzard to go into labor!

Tom said...

Hey buddy,

Good to hear you are keeping those sheep in line. I managed to miss the first snow of the season; spent the week in Sacramento again. I'm hearing it's suppose to snow tonight. I can't wait for the ski season. I'll pack up some snow and send it to you along with that "teddy bear." wink wink.

Happy swatting.


Tom said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I got a new job (in IBM) about 2 weeks (it came really quick). I'm working on the Gap Inc. account as the project manager. I'll be traveling about twice a month to Cali; hot but not as hot as you (and no sheep).

Shaddy out.

Anonymous said...

How do you communicate with the sheep? Do they respond to English, or only Arabic. Maybe they have different standards regarding grazing grounds than you have.

Keep them in line!!



Anonymous said...

Drew -
So I thought since you are unable to visit and see with you own eyes, you should be the first to know....Noah has taken his 1st steps. It is really cute b/c he knows he is doing something special before he even takes a step. He gets a huge smile and starts laughing and then takes 4 to 6 steps. Then the laughing over takes his balance and he falls down. It is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen....

On another note, Joanna (nickname Asia but not like the continent..more like Asha) has arrived to take care of Noah during the day. She is very interesting and it is great to learn more and more about Poland. You will really like her thoughts on the EU, NATO, and WWII. I cannot wait for you to meet her.

So any thoughts on a top ten Christmas gifts for the readership?? I know that #1 is a a trip home but other than that what can we send the brave and loney in Q'West?


Sandra's Dad said...

Hey, Andy-

A neighbor of yours told me that you had a blog going. It took me about twenty minutes to find it on Google, but I finally found it (obviously). Thank goodness for interesting surnames. :-)

Your neighbor has a younger brother that just arrived at Diamondback (he's Signal) if that helps you figure out who she is.

I'm loving your descriptions of what's going on around you and will be a regular reader. Don't let counting sheep lull you, buddy. Keep an eye out for those wolves, too. We want all of you guys home and intact, hooah?

Best wishes from California!