Tuesday, October 10, 2006

As Much as I would like to believe you that the political ads will end in a couple of weeks-I think that you overlook the fact that Hillary is starting her presidential campaign shortly after the elections in November. I do hope that the Dems come up with a better candidate-like barak obama, but it is likely that the clintons have a chance of moving back to 1600 Pennsylvania.

stay posted-I will be publishing my Op-ed that i will be sending to several newspapers here first-look for the first in a three part series by this weekend.


Patricia said...

Just so you know, I am awake at almost all hours now, and am not working. So if you want to call me on your days off you can :-). I can relate with the boredom, but Jason keeps telling me to enjoy my time off, because I am going to be busy soon. Can't wait to hear from you. ILY Pete

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud,

Your pode will take calls at all hours. I know, though, that your kind of boredom is that army mandatory boredom where you are not allowed to entertain another activity that would relieve the boredom. It could be worse. Emporer Hadrian had his troops build wall to keep them out of trouble. I picked up three new restaurants. There is some heavy advertisement on the thirteenth street mall. I have to go and tend the farm. Be safe. I love you. Pode

Anonymous said...

It could be worse. I saw a news item that ex-Pres Clinton might be named Secretary-General of the UN!! With both France and Clinton there we could be in for some tough times.
I once worked on a secret spy in the sky program, and after we had delivered our last engines to Lockheed I had nothing to do at work. But I couldn't be assigned to another project because if Lockheed called with a problem I was supposed to be on instant call to help them. Boredom. Then (actually before then) in the Navy I tried to learn Russian from a text book I had bought, but couldn't concentrate because bunkmates kept interrupting with, "Geez, what's that?" More boredom. But we all survive, even your sister. Soon she will be wishing for some boredom.


Grandfather and Mama Jay

Anonymous said...

Andrew I miss you so much and love to read about your days there. You are so witty! Your presence in my life is truely missed!!! When you come home I would love to make up for lost time my friend.

Love Always,