Monday, September 05, 2005

Crime and Punishment

I promise that this post will not be like the Leo Tolstoy novel. However, there are some thoughts bouncing around in my head. Hurricaine Katrina has been quite a tradgedy, and not just in human life. It has been, to my disgust, quite appearent that Americans have become rich, lazy, and addicted to violence.
I have been over here in Germany and watching the news. It amazes me that we, members of the free world, citizens of the United States, can be reduced to such animal states when the presense of law is absent-even if just for a moment. It seems as though a thin veneer of civilization has been spread across our nation. When we are at our worst our citizens should be at their best, but this is not the case. We are greedy, selfish, and prone to violence. The LA Riots, Hurricaine Katrina-these are just the most televised, are perfect examples of why we as a nation are on a downhill slide.
we commit hundreds of thousands of murders a day-although some of these murders are written off as "Birth Control"-we grow increasingly violent with each generation, our children start using drugs at earlier ages, and we are left to wonder what our government is doing.

The government has nothing to do with it. The lawlessness of the people of New Orleans can only be blamed on the people of New Orleans. Have we learned nothing from nations of the past? have we learned nothing of history? Have we learned nothing from GOD? He is a Jealous God. He will have nothing before him. If we, as a nation, do not learn from the examples that have been furnished to us, we will end up just as the Romans, Babylonians, and Isrealites before us did. We shall Lie in Ruin-no stone left standing on each other. The Cup will pass from our hands-yes greive for those lost in this horrible tradgedy, and give to help, but do not look at this as an isolated event of lawlessness.
Pray for our nation-pray for those lost-but most of all, pray for revival-pray for Change of heart-

Good night and God bless-

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