Thursday, December 21, 2006

who needs to dream of a white christmas...

Well, today is the first day after the Storm and I was outside all day digging a path to the main road. as you can see from the collection of snow next to the driveway, there was considerable snowfall overnight. the total snowfall from the center of the Cul de Sac was 22 inches. What a treat this was-just think a week ago i was in iraq!! My back and arms are really sore from the workout recieved by moving all the snow. there is a lot of snow. patricia reported 6 foot drifts in her back yard...leah is almost here-she was one of the many cancelled flights coming into denver-she opted to rent a car, and she is now on here way.

I am dreading the return to iraq, and up until this storm i have really not had a chance to put it from my mind. maybe there will be more storms-for like 6-9 months...guess not. well, whether the weather cooperates or not, i will continue to keep you posted on the goings on. i think that i have enough inspiration now to write the next installment to my story, part six right?
anywho-much love from the snow burried colorado. althogh entrenched in the drifts i still think about all of you-


Mark Sasser said...

Hello Andy(Andrew),

I don't recall us ever meeting but we are related. My name is Mark Sasser. Your story reminds me of a trip my Mom(Barbara Sasser) and I made to Colorado back in Spring of 1986. We went to visit your Grandparents, Bill and Dorothy Haberer, which would be my Great Aunt and Uncle and my Mom's Aunt and Uncle. Dorothy was the youngest sister of my Grandpa, Earl Lossau. I am not real good with geneology and don't know exactly what type of cousins we would be, but that is the connection. So, we were visiting them at the house they had up in the mountains just out of Boulder for Spring Break that year. First or Second night we were their we got hit with a snow storm that dropped about 2 to 3 foot of snow and we were stuck up there for like 2 days. I beleive Aunt Edith was there also. Due to your Grandpa's health at the time your Grandma would not let him shovel snow, which left me to do it. Not a big deal since I grew up in Chicago area and had shoveled a little snow in my days. Next time you talk to your Grandma ask her about that storm. I now live in Phoenix area, been out here for about 10 years. First 4 or 5 years were just part time. I was a young snow bird. I am married, no kids at this time. Well I will let you go, but I want to thank you for your service to our country. Take care and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thinking of You Soldiers,

Mark Sasser

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you told us the picture was taken in Colorado or I might have thought it was you digging out in Iraq. You are up to your armpits in a mess there also, except it isn't white. It was good to hear from you and talk to youwhile you were on leave, and we pray for your safe return and safe continued stint over there. Glad you had a good time with the babies - they are fun. Ana (Mama Jay's caregiver) brings her little one ( 2 1/2 years old) with her when she comes and she and I can play sometimes.

Take Care,


Grandfather & Mama Jay

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