Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long time, many adventures

work has been incredibly busy. my partner in crime has started school in the afternoons, so i am left with a lot more afternoon work. it has been an adjustment, but i think that i am coping well enough. there has been a lot going on here at work, most of which i am not allowed to discuss in this forum, but others i can. i have been the primary coordinator for the company party. i never realized how much added stress party planning (on a very limited budget) could be. no wonder people pay for planning services. unfortunately for me, i am paid-and the commander sees that as enough compensation.
Battalion keeps coming up with last minute changes, but expects us to plan 8 weeks out. it really throws a wrench in the works, and makes for a very difficult planning effort. i wish that they would stick to the same timelines that they are imposing on us. it would really make for a fluid transition.
I am really ready for some time off, and, maybe, just maybe an early return to the fine State of Colorado. MO you can tenatively plan for a date around your birthday plus 2....but i will give you better hard times around the date.
I love you all and miss you very much.


Anonymous said...

Now this is a GOOD post. I might not even mind getting a year older.

Leah said...

Please post more...I miss hearing from you. And PLEASE post your Jamboree pictures to Shutterfly so I can finish the book before your last day in the Army

Pete said...

Glad to hear you are keeping busy...Idle hands are the devils work, and if you are busy, maybe you are staying out of trouble. JK. I miss you too and can't wait to see you again. You and MO need to post more often! Pete

Brian said...

Hey bro -

I'm in Holland for the next couple of weeks doing reserve stuff. I highly recommend this book that I just finished reading by Mark Bowden, same author of Blackhawk Down. It's called "Guests of the Ayatollah." Fantastic account of the Iranian hostage crisis and failed rescue in 1980. Sets a great background for all that is wrong over there right now.

By the way, your SGM is full of crap -- your a fine soldier and a credit to your unit and this Army. I admire you for realizing what is best for your life and moving on...later, Brian