Friday, October 10, 2008

Ahhh the blessings of technology

I have just recently figured out how to post using my new now I have absolutely no excuse for not posting.
This week has been a living hell. Three long months of planning went straight down the toilet, because a few key players didn't do their job. I have almost completely lost all of my motivation. The only encouraging thing that happened this week was that I realized I had mis-calculated the days until I come home from the army. 141 days remaining in my service to the country. 141 days of supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States. 141 days of waking up tired and coming home exhausted. 141 days. Start the chain @ 100 and tear a link off every day.

I'm tired, sad, lonely, and I want to come home.


Pete said...

We miss you too. Hang in there! Pete

Anonymous said...

Well, I want to buy you a ticket to come home, but you won't verify the flights with me. IMY MO

Tom said...

Phones are awesome, but I think they need a new name... it seems like talking is the last thing we use them for.

Nice to see you blogging again buddy. I'm starting your countdown.