Thursday, July 14, 2005

update 2.0

as many of you may know, and still others may not, my Papa passed away this last weekend. It was quite sudden, and took a lot of us by suprise. i was unable to get time off to return stateside for the funeral, but my parents were able to make the trip.
I miss him already. he was truly a servant, and a righteous man of God. An example for us all to follow. It is hard to understand or begin to contemplate how life will be now that his is no longer with us. I do know one thing for certain. He is walking with God, and he is much better off than he was here on earth. I am sad that he is gone, but i do not mourn like those who have no hope. I will see him again. Thank you for you patience, i will try to post some more about what is going on in my neck of the woods at a later date.
Matt it was good to chat with you and thank you for your prayers. Chris and Tom-thank you for being friends to me when i need it most-it means a lot.
Please continue to pray for Nana, and my father-
More to come


Blake said...

i just want to say that I know what you are going through and I would assume it is incredibly difficult without the family support system that you would have had at home. I'm sorry for your loss but it is nice to know also that it isn't the end...just a continuation into something we cannot imagine...and that someday we will experience it and be with everyone we have lost.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were able to spend some time with Papa when you were home on leave. A precious gift--time.