Thursday, July 21, 2005

you think that i would post more often

Well, it has been some time since i last posted. there has not been a lot that has been happening. we have been doing a lot of spring cleaning here on Camp Vilseck. we are preparing the base for the arrival of the stryker brigade out of Ft Lewis WA. it has been a really interesting experience to return all of the equipment that we have been using, and clean out everything. there has been a lot of dirty work and busy work around here lately, but that beats sitting around and doing nothing.
I have found out that i will be going to the 49th Corps at Ft Lee. That will mean that i may be going back to Iraq shortly after i arrive. there are rumors that four companies will be deploying to Iraq and another two will be going to kuwait. although, until i get to the unit i will not know whether i am going. I will be sure to keep you posted.
The events in London lately have given the european community quite a shake. I morn the loss of the brits in the bombing campaigns, and i stand along side tony blair in any decision that he makes for the safety of his country. it is truly heartbreaking to see how many enemies to freedom that there are in the world. I hope that Blair remains a steadfast ally in the War on Terror. I would be a considerable blow to the coalition to loose such a faithful contributor to our efforts throughout the world,
I look forward to being stateside and look forward to spending more time with my friends and family. I will post some more later. good luck and god speed.


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Tom said...

If you go back to Iraq or Kuwait, how will we go to the Harry Potter 4 premier?

Peace out