Friday, June 02, 2006

the windy city???

why is it that whenever you go to a place that is everything youve ever heard about it is always the opposite???
Seattle---no rain, 5 days....whats with that??
Chicago---no wind?? thought this was the windy city?
Berlin---hangover??? well, that one was entirely my fault, I guess expectations dont always make for a liveable reality.....

Chicago was great, I was able to get some great quality time with my sister...and help her move in the process, but hanging out was more fun than anything else---well, almost anything. I did get a picture of Noah, and I fell in love :)

I was able to go to Wrigley Field and watch a Cubs game, who, by the way, have a worse curse than the Boston Red Sox....---no room for debate---

Brian and Leah's new house is Fabulous...
it is three stories in a great neighborhood. The live within 3 minutes walk of a beautiful lake, which will be a lot of fun for little Noah when he is old enough to swim, and during the three week summer;)
It was a lot of fun to help my parents, leah, and brian work through the rigors of moving in to a new home. lots of paint and crossed fingers. nervous glances were all eased away with time and the colors look fabulous and will make for a nice soothing atmosphere in the house. it should be a really nice place when all is said and done...

well all for now,


Anonymous said...


I wish it had been MORE time together. ILY IMY IWYWH

Noah will be here soon and hopefully we can all be together again.



Anonymous said...

FYI YAMY should read YAMF.


Tom said...

Did you give Jack a big wet kiss?