Wednesday, May 31, 2006

well, another opportunity has arisen for me to add another post the the page, so here it goes...
things here in VA are more of the same-hot, humid, and muggy...typical southern weather.
I Just recently returned from Chicago, it was a wonderful trip. I helped Leah and Brian move into their new house. it was a lot of fun, and hard work---my calves are still sore-there were 3 flights of stairs, and most of the stuff went to the 2nd and 3rd floor...but it was still worth it.

I am on duty tonight, so I will be up rather late-from 1600-0900. a long shift, but followed by a day off-so its worth it.

well, I have rounds to make, so I will update more later-

I wont be reachable for a while-we have a field excersize coming up, so I wont have access to email-or any internet for that matter. :(


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