Monday, April 24, 2006

technology-ain't it great

it just amazes me sometimes the abilities that we have in this day and age-GPS, biofuels, nuclear power, wireless internet...and that some people just dont appreciate these assets. I was watching CNN today, I had no choice-dont think that I have crossed over the bounds of the smart vs the liberals--it was all that they were showing at the dental clinic, and was amazed by the efforts some countries are going to eliminate an oil dependancy and that we americans are finding more ways that we can be dependant. bolivia will be completely free of oil in 7 years...wonder why our country isnt making the same leaps and bounds??
I recieved a comment from one of my friends that I met in Berlin the other day and in response to your question-yes I still do check your blog blake, and keep up the good fight-the liberals are running scared!!

For those who have not heard, there are some more travel plans for this summer-at government expense and request-I will either be headed for a training exersize in Honduras, practicing with the OPDS (Offshore petroleum discharge system) and the IPDS (inland petroleum distribution system)-or behind door number two, I will be headed back to the desert to perform two six month convoy security operations-thankfully there will be a 2 month break between the two. I will have more details in the coming months-

A couple of requests of my readers-
-If you come across any good books that you feel are worth reading, please forward the titles to me so that I can enjoy them as well-I just finished two great books, and would like to continue with that trend-for those interested they were To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane...both are well worth the time invested.
-second, continue to pray that God will continue to protect me from those that wish me harm, his blessings continue to unfold in my life and I would like to continue to see his plan for me unfold...

that is all the time that I have for now-look for more posts later this week
Andrew Haberer for President 2016


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Blake said...

Hey Andrew

Its been pretty crazy here...tough semester...anyway glad to know that you found your way back. Hope everything stays great, I'll be spending the summer in good ol' north dakota...(did ya catch the slight sarcastic note i said that in)...wish i could spend another summer running into randoms in Berlin. I'll get the website back up and running as soon as summer ready.