Monday, April 17, 2006

Memoirs of a soldier losing his mind...

Its funny how the decisions that we make have lasting effects that we cannot foresee at the time the choice was made.
There are many things that I have done in the army that I would not have ever dreamed would happen when I singed up tree years ago. I have traveled to or through over thirteen countries, I have seen death, I have helped preserve life, and all of these things have happened because of a small choice to work a job.
Today is the official three year mark for me. 1095 days-26280hours-1576800 minutes-94608000 seconds. Three years is a long time, however it is measured. It flashed by. I can hardly remember any one specific moment. Maybe I will break it down by country-
FT Jackson, SC
The very first day of basic training. April 17, 2003
“Your mother lied to you-You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are a cookie from a cookie cutter. You are merely a number, you are nothing special. you no longer have a name, you are the last four digits of your social security number.” Drill sergeants have a way of making you feel loved and accepted.
FT Lee, VA
I have been performing well in AIT(Advanced Individual Training- for those of my readers who are in the national guard!)and there was a fight in the barracks-my drill sergeant had just finished cussing out the soldiers involved, and it was past bed checks-what was about to happen would either be a really good thing, or I would find myself in that one creek without a paddle. My best friend in the army-and battle buddy in training, and I had just returned from an off post pass, and purchased matching sunglasses-you know the kind that state troopers wear. Well a consensus had been reached that the two of us looked like maverick and goose off of Top Gun. Well, we couldn’t disappoint!! For those of you who have seen the movie, you will remember the part in the movie where they sing you’ve lost that loving feeling- the mood was right, and it was now or never. So a small band of we soldiers planned the attack and swarmed our drill sergeant, serenaded her with the song and disappeared into the halls to avoid the cannon blast that was sure to come, however, it never came…the drill sergeant called us back in and, although did her best to convince us not to quit our day jobs, said it made her day.
64th replacement company, Frankfurt Germany-
being the private that I was, I lost my packet of papers that would allow for a seamless transfer into Germany. I lost the orders that brought me over to the country and as a result I could not enter through customs. Not a good start to a two year tour.
Cyprus, turkey-or Greece(aren’t they still fighting over this island??)
this was a beautiful stop on the way to Iraq-although short, it was still nice to escape Germany and enjoy a little nice weather in February.
Camp New York, Kuwait
Never in my life have I felt like all I do is eat and sleep, but this was it. The dining facility was too small, and the First Infantry Division arrives in force-large enough that we took a DIVISION photo-they had to use a helicopter to get high enough to get the hwhole division in-butwe would wake up a 0430 to get in line for breakfast, eat around 0900, leave the chow hall and get right back in line for lunch at 0930, eat lunch at 1100leave the chow hall and get in line for dinner around 1130, eat dinner around 1800, and leave to get in line to make a phone call around 1830 then go to sleep at 2100. NOT FUN-Waking up and seeing herds of camels just crossing the desert-FUN
FOB Scunion (don’t ask, I don’t know…)
Never thought that having mortar rounds impact all around you would be so routine. Its like that scene in Apocalypse now, when they are surfing on the beach and fighting a war at the tree line…there is so much that I could write about Iraq and the effects of living in a combat zone that I will leave that for another entry-besides my mental health visit is later this week, I don’t want to be bored there!!
The sound of music, beautiful hills…no wonder the Germans always vacation here---the beer is just as good, they accept Euro, and it is beautiful.
Ireland, England-heck the united kingdom
I Love the Pubs-‘nough said.
Madrid, Spain
It’s a shame that London beat Madrid for the Olympics bid, because spain is the place to be in Europe-the Euro is worth something-the women are beautiful, and there is a nap after lunch everyday-is this heaven on earth?
I hope that you have enjoyed my little walk down memory lane- I may write some other fun moments down.
In other news I intend to go into business for myself doing home remodeling, I need to come up with a name-any suggestions.
Until nextime…

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