Friday, April 21, 2006

well, this weekend I will enjoy some r&r and relax on my days off monday and tuesday-then I will go to work on wednesday and be off on thursday and friday and monday of next week-then Tuesday it is back to work as usual and I assure you from what is on the calendar already you all will be getting your tax dollars worth out of me....:)
I have been anything but busy since we arrived back from pakistan and things are adjusting back to normal. it is funny how two months away from this country can really mess everything up-but not to worry, everything is back in order-all ducks in respective rows.
Gas stations here in VA are running out of everything but premium-the fuel companies say that it is due to the fact that it is time for a seasonal swap to cleaner-more expensive-fuels...those petroleum companies are just trying to get a few more dollars...makes you wonder if the oil crisis of the 70's is back???
well that is all for now-feel free to comment on the entries, would love to hear from you-leave an email address and I will write you back

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I have come across a certificate appointing me to rank of Cadet Sergeant inFebruary of 1945. So it can be done. I think Honduras would be a very interesting assignment. The Army is building (or has built) a mock Iraqi vilage in the desert here for training purposes. Maybe you should/would/could be assigned to that post for a while and you could visit Southern California. Keep up the good work, and we Love you

Grandfather & Mama Jay