Sunday, July 30, 2006

life of the party-

who knows where that phase was developed...i'm serious...cause I can speak from experience, that after the party there is certainly no life left.

there's always a calm before the storm. we are just under a month out from our deployment to Iraq, and things are calm and quiet here in VA. I sometimes find myself beginning to get a little nervous. I know what is ahead for me in the next year, and I know that it is going to be difficult to cope with. I know that I will be alright.



Leah Young said...

So how much did you save on Geico and should we switch?
I spoke with Tyler Lewison (Kat's Husband) today via voice mail and he had a really funny joke that I thought you might like -
He was watching Pirates of the Caribean in Korean ... do you know how a pirate says hello in korean? Annyong hasey-arrrr!
Very funny

Leah Young said...

And don't forget that my birthday is this week...

Tom said...

Speaking of life of the party....

I think Matt was the life of our party, but he left most of it in the sink.