Sunday, August 06, 2006

life on the road...

life on the road really stinks...litterally. am i the only one who showers before a plane flight??? I am on my way home and sit here dumbfounded at technology-surfing the web without wires....does it get any better??? it amazes me how far technology has come since i was in highschool...I thought it was amazing that i could even have the web in my room, now i can have it i the only one who thinks this is cool?

anyway-reporting from richmond, VA


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Leah Young said...

I think the technology is great but I don't have much use for it b/c there are wires everywhere I want to be on the internet...I guess I would like to have a blackberry or similar device to save on 411 calls (now at $4/call)and improve my multitasking abilities.

Any thoughts on the #1 thing you are most looking forward to in OIF V? And the #1 thing you wish you did not have to live through again?