Sunday, August 06, 2006

in a world of JIT management, why are the airlines so dificult???

Just in time management is the way of the future, with product arriving just as it is needed for manufacturing, but I guess there are still areas of the world that dont grasp the concept. The Army, for one, is hell bent on keeping stocks of bleach and bulletts, for good reason. The Airline industry, on the otherhand, has found the opposite of JIT to be a cost saving venture-have any of you been just in time for a flight, just to find out that your booked seat has been given away? well, I have certainly learned my lesson...1 hour prior to all domestic flights from now on-thank goodness there are still more flights for today...TBC

reporting from terminal b, richmond international airport-


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Tom said...

I love just hanging out in the airport; the food is so reasonably priced.