Monday, August 07, 2006

Are you in good enough shape???

well im back on the road again after a poor first attempt. today things are running a lot smoother, I am checked in for my flight, and i have enough time to post on my blog. I stayed the night in Chicago, and that gave me an opportunity to see Leah and Brian's house all moved in and finished. the paint job that my parents helped the young's complete looked fabulous, and the Diningroom Table looked fabulous against the backdrop of the color blocking. Job well done for the Haberer design team!!
Things are going well on the Vaca-I am really excited to finally make it to colorado. I am excited to see my parents and have one last hurrah before deploying to Iraq for OIF V!!! we are halfway to the same amount of time spent in Kosovo-so all you bush haters out there cool your jets-we are still deployed to countries that Clinton sent us to.
Chicago O'hare is truly an impressive airport, there are thousands of people in this airport, but they could use a few more moving walkways. It seems to me that every plane change involves a dead sprint to the other side of the airport. Come on mayor Richard M. Daley!!!!

Ill post more later,
reporting from Chicago-

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Tom said...

To answer this post's question, "No, I'm quite tubby."