Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm an Infantryman trapped in a Fueler's body...

Sorry its been so long, i have been having some difficulty accessing this site. its strange to me sometimes when i sit back and realize that i am still in the third world.

a lot of stress lately. i am finally back to normal hours. i dont think that i should have taken R&R so early in the rotation. now i have nothing to look forward to. watched a few movies today. i was really irritated by a movie about iraq. sometimes its the small details that really get to me. like how the soldiers were wearing their uniforms, the names of cities mispronounced, the way that they talked about war.

I dont think ill ever be able to forget the first time that i saw a dead body, or the first time that i smelled burning flesh, or the first time that i heard incoming fire, but i do know that i dont want someone to pretend that they know the emotions that are attached to such events. I always used to watch war movies and think that it was cool. Sometimes i wish that i could go back to january 2003 and talk myself out of joining the army, and then other times i think that i should reenlist-sometimes it seems like there is no other job out there that i want to do.

theres been a knot in my stomach for about 2 weeks now. this is how i always felt before something bad happened, but i know that my senses arent as keen as they were the last time i was out here. i need to get back out on the road. that is where i belong, not trapped here on the FOB turning into a pog and looking and sounding more like a fobbit as the days pass.



Patricia said...

I will continue to pray for you daily... I sent a card with Christmas pictures and some of your darling nephews. Keep your chin up, and remember that you have lots of people that love you... me the most.

Love, Pete

Anonymous said...

Really it's me the most.

I am on my way to CA to see Grandfather. He's moving to a nursing home, probably won't get better.

Chris and Kelly are going to have breakfast with me on Saturday.

Do NOT reenlist. MO

Anonymous said...

I would say that your driving days are over...5 months in an office offically places you in the ranks for pogs. I recommend wear this designation with pride and really embracing it! No need to hate the life you have been given...haha.
I would like to echo MO's comments DO NOT REELIST