Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Work Sucks, i think ill retire early-

I just thought that it was a waste of my better years in life to be trapped in a job, and i dont think that i am really using my time as good as i could if i were retired.
I hereby tender my resignation, pending approval by the pentagon, which could take years-you know how the military is with paperwork-and effective, upon approval of my resignation, i will assume duties sipping margarita's and other cocktails out of coconut halves on some warm sandy beach in some foreign country in the south pacific, or gulf region, until i reach an age where i feel like i am too old to sit on a beach. at which point i will then get a job.



Anonymous said...

Okay buddy. Hang in there. ILY MO

Patricia said...

I whole heartedly agree with you. Work is even harder when you have a sweet baby waiting at home for you. Keep up the good work. Can't believe you met the Pres.!! Talk to you soon.