Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the harsh reality of war...

I thought that going to funerals was the hard part of war, but i had an experience this week that made me question this war. I was at a formation on the airfield to load caskets on a plane, and when the flag drapped caskets passed, i found myself wondering what we were doing here. it is always hard when it hits home. I was really depressed about the whole ordeal, but my friend lewis put it into perspective for me.
she told me about the first time that she had to load bodies for the trip home. she knew the soldiers who died, and was standing in the formation. she saw the bodies pass her and began to question the war. but then she looked left, and right. she saw strangers all around her. strangers that had become her family. people that live and die for each other. not politcians, preachers, or family. but for one another. Two heros started their trip home. I found a family in the process.


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Anonymous said...

this is a crazy war and im glad you have people there to support you when the people at home cant be there to comfort you! i love you drew!!! Please stay safe!

Patricia said...

I pray for you and all the soldiers putting their lives on the line for a greater cause daily...Keep your head up and drive on, you will be home soon!!! Cody can't wait to swim with you. He will be mobile soon, and soooo much fun. ILY. IMY. Pete

Amy said...


Stay positive! I'm really hoping you get to come home soon. It'd be great to see ya! I know I've asked before, but am I allowed to send you stuff? Can I have your address?

Take care of yourself,