Tuesday, May 15, 2007

how do you tell someone they dont know how to do their job?

another long week. trouble on the home front. I got an email from one of my friends back at ft lee. she rescued my promotion packet from the shedder pile, found my award from pakistan, and in three days completed a tasked that my personnel NCO could not complete in 8 months. frustration. i love you, miss you, and cannot wait to see you. maybe the lake will work out, no word yet. ill call you later.


Anonymous said...

Hey! ILY. I have some new pics of Noah to send. He's DARLING. Very busy.

Good news on the promotion packet. Persevere.


Amy said...


I am so relieved to hear the wonderful things that are being accomplished in Iraq. Our media is from the devil, true. I will certainly write to Congress about the need for truth in our undeservedly blessed state.

Interesting! My boyfriend's (Justin's) grandfather had his bronze star stolen in a nursing home in California, and the Army would not reissue it to him unless they had the certificate proving that he did, indeed, earn the star. The certificate, unfortunately, was also stolen in a different nursing home and all they had was a photograph of the certificate and the uniform which was not enough to prove who he was. His records were supposedly "destroyed in a fire" in the '70s. So glad you were able to recover your award. I'd really like to hear from you, Andrew! Give me a call! 970.690.2612. I'm in Denver these days, so when you come home, I'd love to hear from you! :)


Amy said...

P.S. Please, please send me your address! My email is amyliz316@gmail.com.

Courtney said...

Hey Andrew! It's Courtney from your long-lost middle school years at LCS:) Amy told me she tracked you down. I tried a cell-phone number I had for you once but apparently Iraq doesn't get service. I enjoyed reading your blog and will definitely be keeping you in my prayers. My little brother joined the Navy and is stationed in Virginia right now. I just graduated college (took me awhile) with a degree in Public Administration. Other than that, not much to report. Oh except that my dad lived in Afghanistan for a year and says much of the same things you have said in the entries I've read.
So I know this comment doesn't have much to do with your actual blog...just wanted to say hello!

Patricia said...

Sending some pics of Cody this week. Everyone at work says he's the cutest baby they have ever seen. ILY IMY Pete

Anonymous said...

HaPPY BIRTHDAY LUV!!!! I didnt know where else to tell you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to new posts. Thank you for being in Iraq for us!

God Bless you!
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work and come and visit us in Cali when you get back. America is good and will be waiting for your return.


Cousin Kelly

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew I sent you a package today with a couple of goodies in there. The post office said it usually takes about a week, Monday is a holiday though. I hope you enjoy them. Take care!

Love you,

Cousin Kelly

Patricia said...

Happy birthday old man!!! Hope you get to celebrate a little this weekend. Can't wait to hear from you again.


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Andrew, happy birthday to you. You have a package in route unless it already arrived. :)

You can join my club of people who spend their birthday out of country. I have a total of two bithdays so far, one more come July. Can you top that?

The fam send their well wishes. Oh we went to Red Robin the other day and I like their birthday song.
I don't know but I've been told
someone here is getting old
happy, happy, BIRTHDAY

Take care, let me know when the package arrives.

Anonymous said...

Missed you this weekend. Has the usual Memorial Day BBQ at the batchelor pad. we really needed you grillin' skills.
Most happy b day. Sorry it's late. Hope all is well and we can see you soon.

Amy said...

SO sorry for missing your b-day!!! Take a belated depth charge for me!
Hope you're well.

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