Saturday, September 01, 2007

I hate schedules.....

I dont know quite why anyone makes schedules. everything should be run by a shoot from the hip kinda thing...i mean, the schedule doesnt really mean anything. its all just a waste of time, effort, and natural resources. I think i get a new schedule everyday, but the schedule is made out for a week, sometimes two, and i have never seen the end of one schedule. the new one comes out the next day and leaves me sitting there wondering why it was changed. its all kinda pointless.
anyway, things out here are pretty much the same. i have been sweating it out on the day shift again, and things couldnt be hotter. I think that the mornings are staying cool, but the afternoons are so friggin hot that i have to keep moving from shadow to shadow to avoid melting. Death by powerpoint is getting in to full swing, and i dont know what Bill Gates was thinking when he gifted the world with that cursed piece of software. I dont think that the Army is capable of doing anything, anymore, without having a powerpoint presentation to explain how to do it. I have seen powerpoints on how to flush a toilet, how to use a skillcraft pen, how to get a Humvee airborne, and how to punish soldiers who get Humvees airborne. Need to get something from supply? Here, watch this powerpoint. aaaaggghhhh! I am losing my mind slowly but surely. i need to get out of the army before they sucessfully reprogram me.

I am very much looking forward to enjoying fall in the southern united states. it will be the first time that i will have been able to enjoy watching the leaves change in VA, i think that i will also go up and see the district, besides i need a passport anyway-might as well kill two birds with one stone. all for now


Patricia said...

We miss you at the Jamboree, but are already talking about how much fun it will be to have you here next year. The boys are getting along so good and they seem to get cuter every minute. It is amazing how they can make everyone smile so effortlessly...Kind of reminds me of you!!! ILY WMY


Anonymous said...

ILY THanks for calling. Makes you part of the jamboree in a small way. IMY I'll try and email soon. MO