Sunday, November 25, 2007

back in the saddle, however uncomfortable that may be...

we are most definately back from iraq, and have already begun to prepare for major changes at Ft Lee. our unit was annexed by 101 airborne, and by the first of the year, we will have all the associated flair of the 101-including the screaming eagles patch, and the rapid deployment schedule.
since my return, i have taken up a desk job and started pushing papers. i like the new job, and i have found that the work is right up my alley. i work in training, and i am now responsible for the training management of the entire company. i get to work all day long, with very little down time, and that suits me just fine.
Jack moved to the south with me for the winter. it is very theraputic for me to have a dog right now. he is always willing to listen to my problems, no matter what time of day, he doesn't force his opinions on me, and gives me all the attention i need. in return, all he asks for is that i walk him 2 times a day, and keep his food and water bowls full. its just the right amount of responsibility.
living off post has proved to be the best thing for me right now. it has given me time away from the army, and i think that is what i need. we have a nice little 3 bedroom house with a huge back yard, and really nice owners. it is an oasis that is only ten minutes away from work.
i have resumed full time therapy and attend group sessions with other soldiers diagnosed with PTSD. i, like denny crane, have no problem telling people that i am crazy, and my straight forward attitude towards my mental illness has already helped 3 people who would not have gone to get help. so in a way, i am crazy to help crazy people get help.
all for now.
more to come.

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Anonymous said...

You are funny (if not crazy!!). Jack has always been a comfort. I'm glad he's getting his walks. I think I'm decorating a little bit today. Let me know the flight schedule as soon as you know it. ILY MO