Monday, November 26, 2007

Looks like somebody has a case of the mondays!!!

our battalion commander was more than gracious on wednesday of last week when he let us go home at noon, but he elevated himself even further when he said that first formation on monday was not until 1200. i think that every monday should start at noon. it would make the work week so much more bearable.
busy week, i have group this afternoon, and, boy, do i have plenty to talk about. ill let you know how it went.
i almost cried yesterday because i went on a walk with jack and he would not poop. that is not normal.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes Jacky boy does what he wants when he wants it. :-) ILY MO

Let me know when you have dates.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to start at noon?! I wouldn't know, but I can imagine it would be! I'm glad things are going well and group is going well and that you have Jack around! I love you and I'll see you Friday!


Leah said...

Nice to see that you are back posting. Now that Jack is old sometimes he gets a little stopped up. Just lay off the cheese for a few days and try to get him to eat some fruit and veggies. He will poop when he is ready. Also, if you put one TSP of EVOO on his dog food he will get a very smooth coat. Can't wait to hear about the group session...maybe I need group?? Check out my blog and give me some advice on little O's room decor.