Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas and New years

holidays were rough for me this year, i was the only person in my office that did not go on vacation, so i had to pick up the slack from everyone being gone. my work day was extended from 8 to working nearly 12 hours every day...but i have gained the knowledge that i need to really do my job well.
i was able to fly home to CO for the christmas weekend. the holiday was fun and was a nice escape from the daily grind. it is kind of nice to have a 9-5 job. much less stressful. while i was home i got to see my nephew cody. he is getting so big and is walking all by himself. look away for 3 seconds and he is nowhere to be seen.
when i got back to virginia, my sister leah called and dropped in for a suprise health and welfare inspection. she was impressed that i was living clean, i just told her not to open the closet. (just kidding)
Work starts in full days on the 2nd and i am happier than a pig in s---. everyone will be back from vacation and the highway of my responsibility goes from a 12 lane superhighway to a two lane country road.
more later


Leah said...

It was kind of like a health and welfare inspection...weird. You made Brian and I lol on that one. Have fun at work.

Anonymous said...

Leah told me she thought the health and welfare inspection went well. Strange to see her brother all grown up.

We used the web cam last night. It was fun to see Noah staring at the monitor. He's a cutie.

PJ does not have her camera set up yet so that conversation is yet to be.

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