Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The struggles of the daily grind...

i cant remember the last time that i had time for a lunch break at work. it seems like everytime we catch up, our higher headquarters puts out another standard that sets us hopelessly behind. after talking with L, i have realized that this is the game of the army. the constant give and take, that being they give us more than we can take, is just the way that it rolls. COL McGee once spoke to me about the Law of Probable Dispersal, which states, "Whatever hits the fan, will not be evenly dispersed." i guess i just end up being at one of the major collection points, most of the time.

L & B's adoption progress is something of excitement for me. i am excited at the prospect of going to the horn of africa for the pickup day. little o has no idea what a wonderful family is waiting for her. i scream with joy-sometimes internally, sometimes externally-each time that i think about it.

P's ultrasound gives me the same amount of excitement. the little peanut that is soon going to be a walking, talking, reasoning child has no clue what is in store. the prospect is amazing.

i have started oil painting in full swing and that is why i have not been posting as much lately. however-i promised mimi and cobra that i would put at least one post a week, and i think i have kept up...dont sue me if i missed a couple.

little n is excited for mimi to visit chi-town. co-co, the name change will only be temporary, but i think little n's adaptation is still acceptable.

this is a picture of one of my current painting projects, but it is still in progress-so please be kind...


Leah said...

I like the painting but the fast food one is better (or more to my liking). Anytime you want to paint me some french fries - I'm in! I get excited about little O too. So how many days in the count down? When is 500th night? ILY

Pete said...

I get excited about the little one's on their way too!!! almost too much to contain sometimes. Can't wait until there are little andy's running around!?! JK. ILY IMY Pete

Tom said...

I'm glad to see you are getting into painting. It's a great way to disappear into your own little world...at least for me. Keep it up buddy; who knows, maybe someday you'll end up in the Smithsonian :)