Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what a day...

i dont think that i had 5 minutes of down time at all today. four day weekends are just too much time away from work...maybe i shouldnt tell you taxpayers that.

it seems to me that my life wasnt the only one that was busy. dow jones, the fed, and hollywood were all really busy. Today was the worst opening for the Dow Jones industrial average in quite some time; the federal reserve bank announced an early, and unexpected interest rate drop-to stave off an impending recession; and Heath Ledger's, in an appearent suicide, was found dead of an appearent drug overdose. what a day what a day. if this was the beginning of my week i can only imagine what can be expected of the end of the week. i have a full agenda all week, and another long weekend ahead of me. then i am off to learn how to tie knots and certify loads for sling-load transport. i am really excited about that.
hope that everyone is well, and i look forward to more posts from all of you. Mo-you might try to get uncle gil to start blogging, i think that he would really enjoy the routine.


Anonymous said...

I'll mention the suggestion to Uncle G, but I think he might receive the encouragement better from you.

Reserve judgment on the Ledger thing until we have more details. Could have been a tragic accident.


Leah said...

Not sure assuming a sucide is judgemental? Accident/sucide = the same end result...dead. Too bad. Thoughts?

Tom said...

Maybe your 4 day weekend was the reason for the market crash...and about that Heath thing... don't worry buddy, you'll always be my cowboy :P