Sunday, January 20, 2008

i love lamp...

i think i am finished with a painting. it was inspired by an experience that i once had. the title of the painting is Al Hillah. it is oil on canvas. this week has been a tough one mentally, but the good news is that i am a government employee that is on a four day weekend. sometimes i get really tired of my job, and then others i cannot see me doing anything else. i ruined another painting experimenting with a technique. it was unsuccessful, so i will have to start over. oh well, there is no shortage of oil paint, and it will give me some more time to work on the entire series. i was rushing the painting a little bit.L-as per your request, i have included another pic of jack. he was a little tired, and wanted me to go to bed, but i had a post to put up. you can see my new painting on the wall behind jack. i dont think he understands the importance of his location. he is in the center of my studio/bedroom/gallery. he should feel really important.

i played the new video on your blog L, and jack perked up and looked sideways at the computer screen wondering how you were inside the little black box. i thought noah was adorable. i love you.

short work week ahead of me, and next week i will be in school all week. learning how to tie nots and certify loads for sling operations. ILY IMY SWAK


Leah said...

Hello Jack...we miss you buddy. Noah and I painted today too only we just painted his room and it is not as cool are your painting. OBTW your painting is amazing...keep up the good work. Is painting helping you address your points of grief? The Jamboree is in Colorado now. Get your ticket now if you can b/c they are really cheap. IMY ILY

Anonymous said...

Hey, the painting is good. I'm glad you are finding artistic expression -- thought it would be the piano, but what's a few thousand dollars (not to mention hours) between friends.

Also, experimentation can be fun. I'm sure Picasso had his failures on the way to triumphs! ILY IMY MO