Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The wonderful beauty of balance.

I think that its kind of funny that we live in a world today where there is a pill for everything. Sad? Here have some happy pills! Angry? theres a pill for that, too! and need i mention Bob Dole???
We have stopped asking questions and just started throwing chemicals at the problem hoping to find an answer. When to we hit the point where there will not be a solution to the ever growing problem in america. we do not take time out of our incredibly busy lives to take interest in another human being. the nuclear family melted down somewhere in the sixties, and since then divorce is more common than marriage, depression is at an all time high, interest in other people is in the tank, and we wonder what is wrong with america.
When was the last time you did something for your neighbor? Who was the last person you gave a helping hand to? How can you better your own community?
these are the questions we need to ask ourselves, but they are not the ones we are asking. the more common questions involve a nice tall fence between us and our neighbor, the war on terror, and whether or not you have liquids in your carryons. What happened to america?
When will we get the picture, and will it be too late?

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Bob said...

Drew, buddy ... you're having a rough time right now ... I can tell. You have a right to. We've still got your back here at home, though.

You said, "When was the last time you did something for your neighbor? Who was the last person you gave a helping hand to? How can you better your own community?"

Right now the folks I'm *personally* taking care of live close to you there in FOB-land, and it's not just my children. I'm watching out for more of "my" soldiers, too.

Those of us here at home are still taking care of each other, even though the news doesn't make a big deal out of it. Happy news doesn't sell air-time.

We're still making sure stranger's kids don't run into the street. We're still giving to the homeless. We're still volunteering our time to folks who need a helping hand. It's happening all the time ... it just doesn't make the news.

You are an American, Drew ... and this is still a country to be proud of. "Faith means doubting our fears." Go ahead and have faith in us here at home that benefit from your difficult service. We're keeping the fire burning. Perfectly? No, but name one country that is ... I dare you. :-)

Your work there is difficult and frightening and hard. I believe in what you're doing as a Soldier, as an American and as a man. I also admire you ... not only for your service, but because of the thoughtful way you express your thought.

We've got your back, buddy. When things get *really* hard on you, remember that those of us still at home are worth having faith in. We've earned that faith, and will continue to do so.

You can count on it.

Hang in there!