Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Daily grind...

Bob-I just want to give you a special shout out to thank you for the Starbucks mug and the starbucks coffee. the kenya blend may just be my new favorite. I have thoroughly delved into the depths of the coffee bag and do not have much remaining, but it was well worth the binge into the "good" side of coffee verses the "army" side of coffee. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (P.S. I think you have made me a target amongst my peers, they all eyeball the coffee mug with great interest....look but dont touch-thats my philosophy.)
MO I am staying put for the time being, there are no interesting missions for me to take, so i have begun to occupy my time by remodeling the office. I have started painting the walls and ordering new furniture to be made by the locals working on the FOB. Things are starting to look a little more "High Class" than they were before, and i am no longer embarassed to entertain the brass as they often come and check on our operations.
I, along with my co-workers, continue to refine the systems that we have in place to make them more efficient and effective and things are running smoother than ever before. I miss you and i pray for you everyday. Write me an email and let me know how everything went in LA.

I love and miss you all-
Patricia thank you for the pictures of Cody-
Leah thank you for the pictures of Noah and the package-i dominated the nutter butters with great vengance and furious anger-
MO the flag is in the mail-please let chris know that Nichole's class can expect their's soon as well-better yet keep it a secret.
Nicole, i have one on the way to your class as keep your eyes peeled for it.

From Iraq with love-


Patricia said...

I have started on the day sort, and am making some much appreciated adjustments. I will send more pics of Cody so you can see how much he has grown. We miss you and love you. Pete, Jason and CODY!!!

Nicole Feaver said...

Hey Andrew,

So something is coming in the mail. I can't wait. It hasn't come yet. Oh since my class does everything I ask, what kind of entertainment or art work would you like next? I've only got a captive class for another 29 days. (just e-mail me) Today, we started building toothpick bridges today for science, I just sat back and watched. They are trying to draw bridge plans to scale. Each group has their own strategy and of course they have a budget and can be fined. I'll keep you posted. :)