Saturday, March 10, 2007

Death to the IPOD!

I have recently joined the revolution to abandon the Ipod's domination of the MP3 player market. I am now the proud owner of a Zune. and i love it. many of the features are a lot of fun and convenient.
Another day goes by and here i am sitting on the internet writing to home, wondering who reads this, and wondering why i write...
I am sick of this country, i am sick of this war, and most of all i am sick of the US press covering it. the lies told in the press amaze me. where is the acountability? what happened to the jounalists telling the story, and when did all news become op-ed?
things continue as normal here. the workers come, the workers work, the workers leave. and i am still here


Bob said...

I bought a Creative Zen Vision:M for the same reason. :-)

Want to hear about a tough trip that has nothing to do with the Middle East? Get SPC SKL to tell you about Space Camp. :-)

Hang in there, Drew.

Patricia said...

I love to read your musings, and still own an IPOD. Hang in there, the real world is just as boring!! So don't get caught up in thinking the grass is greener. Be thankful for the things you do have. Cody is excited for you to come home. He is playing more and more everday, and by the time you get home he will be so much fun, I can hardly wait. ILY PETE

Anonymous said...

AJ --

I thought you were not at the FOB so I haven't even check the web for postings. Hmmm. Sorry I missed your call. I've been a little flaky lately. Aunt Jean is not doing well. If you can call that would be good. 303 757 3986. I will email the long story soon. ILY IMY Cody is DARLING and I see Noah soon and will give a report on him. Did you get the chain saw and the food?


Tom said...

I still love my iPod; I refuse to let Microsoft dominate the world of music :)
Hang in there buddy. We all love you.


Anonymous said...

I am getting the BROWN zune...after those words of wisdom.

Missing you always, Miss M