Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I think i am tired...not like road kill, but tired.

i had a day off the other day and slept for almost 22hrs. it seems to me that the first six months is the easy part, but now the days are dragging. i am involved in a lot of projects to keep me busy, but this makes me more tired. i just cannot wait to be back in the states. i am tired of being out of the country. i like being an American, and everything that comes with it. i miss being home.


Bob said...

Glad you got some sleep, Drew. Your soul has to be tired!

Life will be good when you get home. All you need is a "burger and a beer" and things will start getting better immediately. :)

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

ILY Noah was here! We took Cody and Noah swimming. Dad bought Noah a car. It was DARLING. Both of them. When you are home we will let you "drive" the car, too.


Patricia said...

Cody is almost mobile. He is rolling over and scooting on his back. He is sitting up pretty well, and growing soooo fast. I cannot wait for you to be home so you can play with us. I know you two will get along!! He also laughs at everything now. ILY IMY Pete

Amy said...


It was so wonderful to hear from you. I left you a long myspace message, so you should check it out when you have a moment. I was thinking about how you used to sit behind me in English class and do that hilarious tiny dog growl just loud enough for me to hear. Just when I couldn't hold it in anymore, I'd blow a gasket and have to move desks--away from you. Ahhh.... good times.

America is wonderful, and it can't wait to welcome you home with open arms. I'll say many prayers for you. Hope to see you as soon as you come home! Please keep in touch. You are a rare and amazing friend.

You should crank up some Johnny Cash or George Michael. :) They always make me feel better!

Amy Bilstein

Write back soon! Send me your address if you can...

Anonymous said...

HEY DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant wait till you get back, come back to FL for holiday and I promise you it'll be fun:) Thanks for keeping this blog, my bf just went to out there and now I kind of know what to expect. I love you and await your safe return. Stay strong you are in my prayers love!!!!

-Miss M

Blake said...

Hey future Mr. President

It has been a while since I have written any kind of hello to you so here I am.

Just want to let you know that even though Bjorn and I, and the rest of the world for that matter, don't necessarily get a chance to write to you every are always in our thoughts and shall remain in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was having a bad day last week and I thought what could be better then watching pug puppies on youtube? Nothing as it turns out. So if you are looking for some encouragement check out "Pug Falling Asleep - very Funny!"