Saturday, October 11, 2008

working for the weekend

TGIS-i love the Army. I love having to come in on saturday morning because some West Point ring knocker decided it was safer than having soldiers drive all night on fridays before a four day weekend. I love that. Really.
Going down to fayetteville to see a buddy. And stay out of trouble. Funny how that is, trouble always seems to be close to home.
I am still exausted, mostly because I did not sleep in...thank you saturday battalion release formation. But I think I will get plenty of rest this weekend. Good thing too.
50 days until my ETS Physical.

Lovin' life (or at least the prospect of actually having one that doesn't involve owning property in the Tigris River valley)

----Nothing follows----


Leah said...

I happen to think ring knockers have some pretty good ideas. The Saturday morning formation may not be one of them but you can't blame the whole bunch for the actions of one ;)

It's time to come home

Anonymous said...

-- Nothing follows -- ILY MO (see your read anyways.

Pete said...

I am tired too...Kids don't let you sleep in ever!