Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2 years, 5 months and 8 days...

I really need a new job. they told me when i took this job that there would be a lot of travel (they didnt say that it would be to the worst possible locations imaginable), great benefits (they didnt say that it would be like pulling teeth to use them), and i would get to meet new and exotic people (they didnt say that these people would be trying to kill me...). I'm looking for something less dangerous, maybe underwater welding or ocean floor pipeline maintenance. any thoughts.

I have not had a chance to view the results of the elections, but would welcome your input in comments. let me know how things went.



Anonymous said...

Your last blog said you were playing Dodgeball, and I think that is wrong. It's too competitive - there is bound to be a loser with hurt feelings. Besides somebody could get hurt.

Maybe you could take over for Steve Irwin shooting pictures of stinrays or cobras.


Anonymous said...

Drew -
Thanks for so many thought engaging posts. I like to read them during Noah's naps.

Two funny potty stories...
1. I took Noah's diaper off down stairs 15 mins before his bath b/c it was dirty. I needed 15 mins to finish dinner and I thought I was safe since there was just a dirty diaper...then I heard the straining in the family room and there was poop everywhere including all over him. I quickly took Noah to the kitchen sink and by the time (seconds) I got back to the family room to get the poop....Jack had eaten all the poop.

2. Noah's favorite book is the Potty book and he must sleep with it. The best part of it is when he gets to waive bye bye to the pee pee

Anonymous said...

Andrew: I was very interested in your views of the average Iraqui. I would also be interested in your observations on the differences you have seen from your first tour and this tour. It's a year later and you are in a cifferent area. so tell us about that when you can.